Staples launches ‘Plan C’ to support organisations safely returning to the workplace and adjust to the new normal

Amsterdam, Netherlands, 27th May 2020: Many organisations are planning how to transition out of lockdown and re-open their workplaces. But, it is essential they do so safely while adjusting to the new normal.

Most companies have a plan B to deal with unforeseen circumstances. But during these unprecedented times, even that does not apply. In light of that, Staples launched  ‘Plan C’, to support employers navigate this changing environment and government requirements. As the expert in workspaces, Staples has developed ‘Plan C’ to guide customers through ensuring workplaces are ready for the safe return of their employees and enable remote workers to be more connected and productive. Through a framework of safe distancing, keeping spaces clean, and staying connected, Plan C is a comprehensive solution helping our customers transform their workspaces for the new normal. 

“Returning to work isn’t just about new floor plans and cleaning checklists. People need to be safe and feel comfortable in their new workspace environments. This can be solved with effective processes and realistic changes to workplace behaviour and layout, and clean and modern solutions,” comments Dolph Westerbos, CEO at Staples Solutions.

“Once governments give the go-ahead to return to work, it will launch the biggest ‘back to the workplace’ movement of modern times. Regardless of where team members are located, our goal is to help customers maintain safe distancing, keep clean and stay connected, while preserving business functions in these unprecedented times,” adds Westerbos.

The ‘Plan C’ guidance is broken down into specific areas, including: WorkSpace, MeetSpace, BreakSpace, WashSpace and PersonalSpace. Staples has used its expertise in workspaces, and knowledge of potential hazards, to provide useful tips and product offers, such as suggested changes in employee behaviour, signage and floor markings, protection and measurement equipment, and items as varied as clean keys, sanitisers and layout solutions for workplaces. “Recently we also developed the PersonalSpace, extending into working from home and mobile working solutions, which will remain with us for the next few years, especially as many companies change into a ‘remote first’ strategy,” adds Westerbos.

With the average keyboard and mouse seeing over 20,000 times more microbes than a toilet seat, and coughs and sneezes travelling up to six to eight metres,  Staples knows that germs on desks are a crucial area of concern. ‘Plan C’ advises employers on how to implement the use of protective screens, and regularly clean and clear desks with anti-bacterial wipes and disinfectant spray.

With over 30 years’ experience in business and hygiene supplies, Staples is working hard to help customers meet COVID-19 guidelines on both local and international levels. In addition, Staples partners with expert service providers to make sure no stone is left unturned to help employers get more out of their space and ensure that their team members feel protected and productive, especially in these times.